About Us

From the heart of Italy, SOON spread all over the world the Italian style and quality by designing and manufacturing a wide range of kitchens under the banner of a constant technological and organizing renewal.

A linage of excellent craftsmanship carried forward in India by Radiant Enterprises, since 2002, managed by Mr. Kumar D.H and Mr. Lokesh, qualified Engineers with experience of over 3500 successful installations and many more projects in hand, selling kitchens for Radiant Enterprises who brought SCIC SpA to India, is not just another business, but dedicated to providing total kitchen solutions throughout the country, with in-house designers and experienced technicians to provide the best services.

Over an area of 70,000 sqm of production area and through extremely efficient supply network, Soon Cucine kitchens of Italy are able to meet the requirements of any kind of customers.
Each model among Soon Cucine kitchens is manufactured by applying the dictates of the most thorough ergonomic researches, the study of shapes, and the new materials. All production phases from the design of the different models up to the shipment of the finished products, also inside the assembling box, all these phases are carried out with the utmost obstinate care in order to get the best quality for the final result.

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