A place to unwind, let your hair down and put your feet up - all very casual and private activities. For all the time spent and the intimacy it demands, abedroom takes very careful and detailed planning. Not because it is the mostpersonal room in a house but because it is a room WHERE YOU DREAM!!!

As the most private, personalized space in a home, the bedroom must necessarily reflect its user's lifestyle and practical needs, aesthetic preference and their dreams. And this is exactly why a bedroom decor poses a challenge to interior designers. To design an ideal bedroom for a you, the designer must get to know your innermost thoughts and ideas, your cultural background and upbringing, your temperaments and your personal conception of a dream bedroom; besides the more tangible factors such as your need in terms of the storage space provided or your taste in terms of the color scheme you would like best. All these diverse factors govern aesthetic decisions, which explain the high degree of subjectivity involved. That is why one cannot really set up aesthetic bylaws; nor can these bylaws find an easy acceptance, if indeed they are made.

The first to do when your home starts feeling cramped is to analyses the way you are using available space. All too often, there is too much unrequired furniture. Even clearing out stacks of old magazines, empty bottles and wornout cloths, will make you realize how much space you have and how incorrectly you have been using it.

The basic principle of not breaking up a room into little bit is equally applicable to the floor. This is why a room with a wall-to-wall carpet looks much bigger than a one with rugs scattered all over. However, given the Indian climatic conditions, maintaining carpets and rugs requires huge effort; and can only be risked in air-conditioned and dust free environment. The latest option is laminate flooring, and it does seem to have a lot of advantages, while also being aesthetically appealing, and free from the hassles of ordinary wooden flooring a sweeping through several rooms gives a better, more spacious effect.

Lighting in a home must do more than dispel darkness. Most rooms benefitfrom a combination of functional and decorative lighting relying on theformer to set the scene and the latter to add interest.